INUSpheresis® as     Environmental Aphersis ®

A milestone in innovative high-tech medicine

In the age of massively increasing toxic loads, relief is the basic of every therapy.
INUSpheresis® is one of the strongest options for causal research and cause related therapy.
With the INUSpheresis® / blood wash, we achieve several goals at the same time: We specifically wash out environmental toxins which cause illness and inflammation from the blood. We also reduce inflammation mediators such as CRP or TNF-a
with INUSpheresis® . We filter out malformed autoimmune antibodies. We are therefore not countering the phenomenon of autoimmune diseases, which is growing rapidly worldwide, by counteracting “anti” agents, but by deliberately removing their triggering factors and their pathogenic reactants.

The benefits of INUSpheresis® are most evident in the example of autoimmune, inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and polyneuropathy.

Here, stressful circulating immune complexes are reduced.

Many rheumatism patients already notice significant improvements in their mobility and a significant reduction in pain after an INUSpheresis®.

The importance of environmental toxins can often be seen in the TILT (toxic intolerance syndrome). Clinical hypersensitivity to a wide range of chemicals often decreases to the extent that the body is relieved of everyday and ubiquitous environmental toxins.

With chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), provided that it is caused by latent chronic inflammation, the importance of the inflammation causers, which are washed out with the INUSpheresis®, can often also be experienced.

In addition, the INUSpheresis® has been evidenced to significantly improve blood flow in the arterioles and capillaries, i.e. the smallest end branches of the arteries. This is exactly where blood pressure is regulated, and this is where crucial parts of the metabolism take place. This does not only improve blood circulation disorders such as coronary artery disease or cerebral blood circulation disorders, it also increases blood circulation (microcirculation) in all internal organs, which improves nutrient and oxygen supply and at the same time often enables the removal of remaining metabolic waste products. For example, the eyes in particular benefit from macular and retinal diseases as well as the kidneys, brain and heart.


The "intelligent membrane"

The INUSpheresis® is not a dialysis !! The process used ,does not remove substances that are specifically urine-causing substances, but rather a number of stressful factors. INUSpheresis® uses intelligent filters which are able to remove malformed autoimmune antibodies, inflammation mediators, environmental toxins, virus particles, etc. from the body.


The proven method of the apheresis blood purification process has been scientifically developed by INUS since 2002 to INUSpheresis® as environmental apheresis® to eliminate toxins and chronic inflammation from the body quickly and with almost no side effects. INUSpheresis® is also experiencing a significant upswing in emerging China.

Their particular benefit is evident in the rapidly increasing autoimmune diseases and environmental pollution, in which the INUSpheresis® can often provide decisive help. The special strength of INUSpheresis® is the special ability to remove malformed autoimmune antibodies (e.g. rheumatism, Hashimoto, polyneuropathy etc.), inflammation causing and disease-causing environmental toxins from the blood.

The INUSpheresis® has been tested, scientifically monitored and further developed by numerous doctors for decades. Evidence of effectiveness can be provided individually for each patient. This can be used to prove in concrete terms which substances causing disease and in what quantity have been removed from your body.


The INUSpherese® offered in the INUS MEDICAL CENTER CHAM and the other INUSpheresis® locations is the only "environmental apheresis®" that exists.

It has proven itself in more than 25,000 applications. We see it as our task to restore the body to its natural ability to regulate and function properly. The INUSpheresis® is essential for us and an indispensable part of our causal therapy.