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Dr. med. Richard Straube


About me :
Specialist in internal medicine-nephrology-hypertensiologist,
environmental medicine, orthomolecular medicine, burn-out therapist, health economics, emergency / disaster medicine, diving and hyperbaric medicine, nutritional medicine, clinical manager, quality manager.



1976 -1982 studied medicine at the Johann-Wolfgang Goethe University.

1979 -1982 PhD in neuro-biochemistry on the amino acid metabolism of the central nervous system, especially tryptophan in psychoses and delirious conditions at the Gustav Embden Institute for Physiological Chemistry Frankfurt / Main (PhD supervisor: Prof. Förster).


1981-1982 Practical year at St.Josefs Hospital / Wiesbaden

1983 -1989 advanced training as a specialist in internal medicine with a focus on pulmonology / cardiology / infectious diseases.

1989 -1992 advanced training in the field of nephrology; Specialization in therapeutic apheresis, hypertensiology and genetic metabolic diseases.

1990 - 2003 First senior physician at the Nephrological Clinic at the Lüdenscheid Clinic, at the same time

2000 - 2003 Ltd. emergency physician at the Lüdenscheid Clinic for the 2nd emergency medical service of the Märkischer Kreis.

2003 - 2006 Ltd. Senior doctor of the nephrological clinic at the Niederrhein Clinic

2007 until today Ltd. Doctor of internal medicine / nephrology and apheresis, international apheresis station INUS Medical Center.

2007 Development of the international apheresis station in the INUS Medical Center, as well as TÜV certification DIN ISO 9001-2007 of the unit in 2007 and currently DIN ISO 9001-2008 recertified in 2016.

2008 Foundation of the Bavarian Forest Borreliosis Center - Furth im Wald and certification in May 2009 with ISO 9000-2008, and establishment of the center for high-pressure diseases on July 1st, 2009 with certification ISO 9001-2008 recertified 2016.

2013 Grant of the US / world patent for the basics on the possibility of carrying out therapeutic apheresis (Cerebropherese®) in Alzheimer's dementia (Patent No.: US 2013/0302292 A1)

Additional training and references


1984 qualification as a coronary sports group doctor;

1984 physical therapy;

1988 emergency doctor;

1990 nutritional medicine,

1998 Hyperbaric / diving medicine; ”diving doctor”

1990 Ltd. emergency physician;

1990 to the present establishment of outpatient areas for rare and serious metabolic diseases, 3x approval for KV medical care by means of apheresis for congenital fat metabolism and rheumatism in Lüdenscheid, Oberhausen and Cham and Furth im Wald.

1995-1997 further training as clinical manager;

2004-2005 studies of health economics at the Frederic Institute of Economics / Institute Prof. Braunschweig Cologne;

2005 hypertensiologist (DHL);

2005 Quality Manager (KIT)

2007-2010 further training as a clinical environmental physician EURPAEM / German Medical Association,

2014 burn-out therapist according to the guidelines of the German Medical Association.

2014 Orthomolecular physician according to the guidelines of the Federal Chamber of Physicians. 2015-2018 “Travel / Tropical Medicine”

Consultant environmental medicine and apheresis

Lectures and presentations in Germany, USA (Tennessee, New York, Cincinnati), Asia: HongKong, Singapore; Russia: Lomossow University Moscow; Spain, Finland, Austria, Italy, France, Monaco.



Lecturer at the University of Bochum
for environmental medicine in the field of engineering / environmental technology / particle technology since Oct. 2008 (master and bachelor courses): “Environmental medicine for engineers”, the lecture ranks first in the evaluation of external teachers at the Ruhr University.

Co-discoverer of the “environmental barrel”
according to Rapp and Rae, as a real existing phenomenon in environmental patients, can be proven and represented by apheresis.
Further developments in the field of procedures and indications for therapeutic apheresis as Environmental Tapherese® / Cerebropherese® / Opthalmopherese® New development of a special environmental filter and an innovative apheresis range. INUSpherese® as brand protection for all equipment. The associated study with 1100 + X apheresis patients is about to be published in the fourth quarter of 2018, the study is "open end", "non government", "non-profit", blinded, randomized and "international" and is intended to be an international multicenter study for clinical environmental medicine continue to grow. Annual reports and publications on new knowledge provided.


Co-author for the textbook of naturopathy (latest edition) with the topic INUSpheresis - clinical environmental medicine


Altunyan Gor - doctor

Cell therapy, orthomolecular medicine, Member of the INUSpheresis Board, currently in application as a urulogy specialist

Mrs. Theresa Salafia-Kastl

Administrative management 2. Chair of INUS Medical Center AG

Mr. Marco Salafia


Head of Marketing, Care of foreign patients,
Organization of stay and service.



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